CfP INTERSECT panels at the 48th UACES Annual Conference


The collaborative research Network INTERSECT aims to develop a cross-European structure for advancing the knowledge on the many facets of the interplays between technological developments, security practices, and societal changes in Europe. It provides an open forum in which established and early career academics working on related issues meet and develop research ideas while engaging with civil society. As technological developments challenge common perceptions of space and time, they impact the way security is practiced and open up a myriad of questions about the values that sustain our societies and the principles that govern them. INTERSECT contributes to public and academic debates around topics such as surveillance, public-private relations and hybrid rule, cybersecurity, use of drones and artificial intelligence, data retention, or suspect profiling.

For the upcoming 48th UACES Conference (University of Bath, 2-5 September 2018), INTERSECT is interested in submitting up to three panels that address any of these specific topics, or that problematise the relation between security and technology in Europe more broadly. Theoretical debates around these topics are particularly welcome.

Papers should be submitted to Dr André Barrinha ( and Dr Bruno Oliveira Martins ( by 10 January 2018.


ACADEMIC PROGRAMME “Rethinking the Technology – Security Nexus in Europe”

Big data

INTERSECT will hold its first workshop at Malmö University on 26-27 October 2017. Academics, NGO representatives, civil society organisations and high-level EU officials will gather in Malmö to discuss technology – security interplays in Europe. 

Academic programme

26 October, Thursday – Room NI:B0E15 (hörsal B1)

16:15 – Opening remarks

Bruno Oliveira Martins, Malmö University

Pieter Bevelander, Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Welfare and Diversity

16:30 -Keynote address “The Chain of Security”, Marieke de Goede, University of Amsterdam

Discussant: Susan Kozel, School of Art and Culture, Malmö University


27 October, Friday – Room NI: B0308

09:15 – Air, mobility and data flows

Chair: André Barrinha, University of Bath

Armed Drones and the EU: Policy, State Positions and Proliferation

       Jessica Dorsey, Rights Watch UK

Making Data Flow: the Material Infrastructures of Transatlantic Security

       Rocco Bellanova, University of Amsterdam (co-authored with Marieke de Goede

Airport security as a relationality: following the liaisons of employees and technologies

       Sarah Komasova, Charles University Prague

10:45 – Coffee break

11:00 – Technology and the management of migration

Chair: Michael Strange, Malmö University

Technology in border control – finding the right balance

       Edgar Beugels, “Research and Development Unit”, Frontex

Scrutinising EU Immigration Control: Massive Collection and Storage of Foreigners’ Personal Data as a Panacea?

       Niovi Vavoula, Queen Mary, University of London

Governing Mobility through Technologized Border Control Practices

       Burcu Togral Koca, Leibniz Institute for Research on Society and Space

12:30 – Lunch

13:45 – Cutting-edge technology in EU security law and policy.

Chair: Mireille Hildebrandt, VU Brussels

Market Forces: the development of the EU security-industrial complex

       Chris Jones, Statewatch

‘It’s automation, not autonomy!’ Predictive policing and the human in the loop

       Matthias Leese, Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich

Policing ideas: the counter-democratic effects of technologies for Countering Violent Extremism

       Kristoffer Lidén, Peace Research Institute Oslo

15:15 – Coffee-break

15:30 – Roundtable discussion

Bruno Oliveira Martins, André Barrinha, Mireille Hildebrandt and Marieke de Goede, INTERSECT Coordinators

16:15 – End of the workshop



The workshop is open to students, academic staff, and the general public. For more information, please contact:

Call for Papers “Rethinking the technology-security nexus in Europe”

Malmö University, 26/27 October 2017

The UACES Collaborative Research Network INTERSECT: Technology-Security-Society Interplays in Europe will hold its first workshop at Malmö University in 26 and 27 October 2017. This event will bring together academics, NGOs and practitioners to assess current technological developments that impact security practices in Europe. With different sessions organised around themes such as Security and secrecy, Technology in the securitization of migration, and Cutting-edge technology in EU security law and policy, it will enable discussions among young and established researchers on the present and future of European security.

A limited number of slots is available in the programme, and we invite submissions addressing different aspects of the above-mentioned topics. Graduate students are particularly welcome to submit their abstracts, and a few small travel grants (100 GBP) are available for graduate students on a competitive basis.

Please send your 250-word abstract and 100-word bio by Friday, 23 June 2017, to