2nd INTERSECT Workshop – Call for Papers

Call for Papers – STS and the study of Europe
Bath, 6-7 November 2018

The collaborative research Network INTERSECT: Technology-Security-Society interplays in Europe aims to develop a cross-European structure for advancing the knowledge on the many facets of the interplays between technological developments, security practices, and societal changes in Europe. It provides an open forum in which established and early career academics working on related issues meet and develop research ideas while engaging with civil society. As technological developments challenge common perceptions of space and time, they impact the way security is practiced and open up a myriad of questions about the values that sustain our societies and the principles that govern them.

The second INTERSECT workshop is scheduled to take place at the University of Bath on 6 and 7 November 2018. It is organized in cooperation with the Nordic Centre of Excellence for Security Technologies and Societal Values (NordSTEVA) and its aim is to explore how Science and Technology Studies (STS) can be crossed with both EU studies and other theoretical concepts and approaches that have emerged to study the social, economic and political reality of Europe. Issues to be discussed include:

– Disciplinary dialogues between STS and European Studies;
– Integrative and agentic capacities of technologies in Europe;
– Politics of (algorithmic) knowledge and expertise in EU security;
– ‘Responsible Research and Innovation’ (RRI) in the field of EU security.

The workshop’s keynote speech will be given by Prof. Mireille Hildebrandt on the topic ‘Law, Science, Technology and Security Studies: Legal Protection by Design’, in connection with her ERC Advanced Grant on ‘Counting as a Human Being in the Computational Law’ (CoHuBiCoL). Prof. Hildebrandt istenured Research Professor on ‘Interfacing Law and Technology’ at Vrije Universiteit Brussels and part-time Chair of Smart Environments, Data Protection and the Rule of Law at Radboud University Nijmegen.

We invite submissions addressing different aspects of the above-mentioned topics. Graduate students are particularly welcome to submit their abstracts, and a few small travel grants (100 GBP) are available for graduate students on a competitive basis.

Please send your 250-word abstract and 100-word bio by Monday, 2 July 2018 to Dr André Barrinha (a.barrinha@bath.ac.uk).


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